Estate & Gift Taxes, Trusts
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Estate & Gift Taxes, Trusts

Puerto Rico Estate Tax Attorney

Estate and gift taxes and trusts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has its own rules regarding estate and gift taxes, adding complexity to issues under federal tax law. At GAC, attorneys from our Estate and Gift Tax and Trust Practice Group have extensive experience with Commonwealth and federal tax law, and they work closely with our clients, designing appropriate, unique strategies for each client and seeing that the establishment and administration of the trust or estate provides the greatest benefit.

Lawyers from the group focus on planning for wealth preservation, tailoring each solution to the client’s specific needs. Our counsel in the areas of estate and tax planning and administration includes the following services:

  • All required government filings for the execution and administration of estates and trusts
  • Analysis of alternatives for conservation and transfer of capital
  • Documentation and filings for the transfer of titles of real and personal property
  • Drafting and execution of wills
  • Drafting of public deeds and/or private contracts for the division of estates
  • Executor’s advice and counsel
  • Gifts
  • Negotiations among heirs
  • Preparation of local and federal estate and gifts tax returns
  • Preparation of trusts
  • Representation in litigation on behalf of estates, executors and/or heirs
  • The division of estates
Members of the Estate and Gift Taxes, Trusts Practice Group:

Roberto Montalvo-Carbia

Members of the group may collaborate with members of other practices at our firm to provide comprehensive solutions for individual clients.

Members of the firm appear on behalf of clients before federal and Puerto Rico courts, government agencies, and in domestic and foreign transactions. GAC’s offices are in the American International Plaza Building in the heart of Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico’s financial district. If you would like to speak with a member of the firm or have any other question, please contact the firm to arrange a consultation with an attorney with the appropriate experience.