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By: Carlos Rodriguez-Vidal, Esq.

March 26, 2020

The continuing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has prompted the Governor of Puerto Rico to issue an Executive Order on March 26, 2020 that extends Executive Order No. 2020-023 of Sunday, March 15, 2020. Among other directives, the Executive Order extends the requirement that all businesses, except those specifically excluded in the Order, close their office operations, now until April 12, 2020. Our offices remain closed during this period, but our professionals continue to be available to attend to your legal needs remotely. You may contact us by e-mail and telephone, and our professionals will respond as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Goldman Antonetti & Cordóva, LLC stands ready to assist you and your business to adjust to Puerto Rico’s regulatory and legal changes. If you need further assistance in this area, please contact any of the following members of our firm (note that during this emergency, it will be easier for you to communicate with us through electronic mail, as provided below):

Fransisco Dox [email protected] 787.759.4220
Alicia Lamboy [email protected] 787.759.4144
Myrna I. Lozada [email protected] 787.759.4149
Gretchen Mendez [email protected] 787.759.4207
Arnaldo Villamil [email protected] 787.759.4148
Luis Antonetti lanton[email protected] 787.759-4111
Vicente Antonetti [email protected] 787.759.4112
Angel Berberena [email protected] 787.759.4143
Romel Meléndez [email protected] 787.759.4115
Luis Ortiz Abreu [email protected] 787.759.4110
Howard Pravda [email protected] 787.759.4101
Gabriel Quintero [email protected] 787.759.4130
Jorge Rodíguez Micheo [email protected] 787.759.4102
Javier Vazquez [email protected] 787.759.4113
Rossell M. Barrios [email protected] 787.759.4139
Solymar Castillo [email protected] 787.759.4213
Edgardo Colon [email protected] 787.759.4141
Rosanna Rivero [email protected] 787.759.4119
Carlos A. Rodrigues-Vidal [email protected] 787.759.4117
Wilda Rodriguez [email protected] 787.759.4214
Katherine Ruiz [email protected] 787.759.4108
Rebecca Cuevas [email protected] 787.759.4153
Roberto Montalvo [email protected] 787.759.4123

Disclaimer: Although the information included in this document may concern legal issues, it is not a legal opinion or professional advice and clients shall not use it as such. We assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for any information contained herein, and we expressly disclaim all liability for any claim for damages arising from the use, reference to, or reliance on, such information. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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