Winter 2007-07 Bill would ban trans fats
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Winter 2007-07 Bill would ban trans fats

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Bill would ban trans fats

Senate Bill 1816 may turn Puerto Rico into trans fat-free territory.

The bill orders the Puerto Rican government to adopt as a matter of public policy that the use of trans fats for the preparation of food be prohibited in public establishments and mobile units.

The bill’s statement of motives points out that among the five top causes of death in Puerto Rico in the year 2000 were heart disease, cancer, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and vascular diseases, all of which, it adds, are related to bad eating habits. Trans fats cause more damage than saturated fats.


The statement of motives also mentions that the city of New York is already taking legal measures to restrict the use of trans fats in restaurants, due to the well-documented connection between heart disease and consumption of the product. Locally, it highlights the private initiative of the Denny’s restaurant chain in removing trans fats, as well as public service campaigns carried out by a number of associations.

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