Winter 2007-05 Tobacco advertising ban proposed
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Winter 2007-05 Tobacco advertising ban proposed

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Number 66
Winter 2007

Tobacco advertising ban proposed

Puerto Rico Senate Bill 1819 proposes to ban certain types of tobacco product advertising.

The following would be prohibited, if the bill becomes law:

  • advertising tobacco products on uniforms,

advertising cigarettes on cigarette vending machines located in commercial establishments attended by persons younger than 18 years.


The bill also prohibits promotion of tobacco products, if the promotion takes the form of a gift, rebate, bonus, or participation in a game, raffle or contest, as well as a product give-away.


The size of advertisements for tobacco products may not exceed three feet by three feet. Furthermore, all signs and other ads must contain a warning about the health dangers of smoking and of second-hand smoke. Warnings must occupy 50% of the size of the ad.


The Department of Consumer Affairs would be empowered to implement the law, and impose violation fines raging from $5,000 to $10,000.

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