Fall 2005-02 Severance pay increased
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Fall 2005-02 Severance pay increased

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Number 61
Fall 2005

Severance pay increased

Law No. 128 was enacted on October 7, 2005, to amend “Law 80”-the Wrongful Termination Act. Law No. 128 substantially increases the amount of compensation for employees that are discharged from his or her employment without just cause.
Increased compensation

The new incremental changes are the following:

Salary Increments
Years of Employment Fixed Compensation
up to 5 years two months’ salary
5 to 15 years three months’ salary
15 years or more six months’ salary
Progressive Compensation
Years of Employment Fixed Compensation
up to 5 years 1 week for each year
5 to 15 years 2 weeks for each year
15 years or more 3 weeks for each year

The employee’s highest salary during the three years prior to his or her discharge will be taken into account to calculate the above compensations.




Law No. 128 also states that the judge must hold a pre-trial conference in wrongful termination claims, not later than 20 days after the complaint is answered. The judge must determine at the end of this conference if there are sufficient reasons, beyond the circumstances of conflicting allegations, to believe that the discharge was without just cause. If this is the case, the judge must order the employer to deposit with the clerk of the court-or post a bond-within ten days, an amount equivalent to the total compensation to which the employee may be entitled. The employer must also deposit or bond a sum to cover the employee’s attorney’s fees, which may not be less than 15% of the total compensation, or $100.00, whichever sum is higher.

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