Summer 2003-02 Bill to forward business info to police

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Number 52
Summer 2003

Bill to forward business info to police

House Bill 3713, filed on May 12, 2003, would order the Department of Economic Development and Commerce to share information with the Police Department.

Act Number 171 of August 12, 2000, requires that most businesses-whether selling goods or providing services-register with the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, and annually provide certain business information. The regulation promulgated to enforce it safeguards the privacy of a number of items that need be informed. These are to be used solely for statistical and study purposes. Other information may be made public.

House Bill 3713, if it becomes law, would order the Commercial Development Administration to provide to the Puerto Rico Police Department the information received. The Police Department, in turn, would have to forward the data to each Area Headquarters. The bill does not distinguish between public and confidential data.

The stated purpose of the bill is to furnish a direct link between businesses and the police, in order for the latter to provide better surveillance and protection in business areas.

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